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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are one- to two-page summaries of topics related to groundwater quantity, groundwater quality, septic systems, water wells, administrative entities, and publications. These popular press articles are available to assist state-wide newsletter editors and webmasters in disseminating groundwater-related information to the public. Additional FAQs are currently under development.

The Texas Groundwater Protection Committee grants permission for the use of this information as a free service to the news media. FAQs may be used either in their entirety or in part, and printed or posted on the Internet, provided that attribution remains.

Exit links to useful FAQs on TGPC member websites are also provided. See the TGPC's Disclaimer for External Linkages for more information.

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Groundwater Quantity

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Groundwater Quality

In Situ Uranium Mining

Oil and Gas

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Septic Systems

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Water Wells

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Administrative Entities

Groundwater Conservation Districts (GCDs)

Regional Water Planning Groups (RWPGs)


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