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TGPC Agricultural Chemicals Subcommittee

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Composition of the Subcommittee

The Agricultural Chemicals Subcommittee is composed of interested agencies serving on the full TGPC and the Texas Cooperative Extension. A technical advisory group of interested parties, including government agencies, producer groups, environmental groups, and the agricultural chemical industry, has served the subcommittee by providing expertise and perspective.

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Agricultural Chemicals Subcomittee Charge

A more detailed explanation of the Subcommittee's goals is provided in its Subcommittee Charge. (Help with PDF)

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Agricultural Chemicals Subcommittee and State Management Plans (SMP)

Created in 1989, the Agricultural Chemicals Subcommittee coordinates the development of state management plans (SMP) for the prevention of pesticide contamination. EPA's proposed Pesticides and Groundwater State Management Plan Regulation would restrict the use of certain pesticides identified as probable or possible human carcinogens that can leach into groundwater. The state would be required to have a generic plan for pesticides and groundwater as well as pesticide-specific plans for certain identified pesticides. Without an approved SMP, these identified pesticides would be removed from manufacturing, sales and use in Texas. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is tasked, with the advice of the Committee, to develop management plans for pesticides that pose a potential threat to groundwater.

In 2001, TCEQ published the Texas State Management Plan for Prevention of Pesticide Contamination of Groundwater (PDF. Help with PDF.). This plan describes the general policies and regulatory approaches the state will use in order to protect groundwater resources from risk of contamination by pesticides. It also provides a generic framework for developing more comprehensive pesticide-specific plans.

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Task Forces of the Subcommittee

The Agricultural Chemicals Subcommittee has designated five work groups:

Task Force


State Management Plan Task Force

Writes and revises generic and pesticide-specific state management plans.

Education Task Force

Develops SMP-related educational information and materials and coordinates educational outreach through public presentations, displays, applicator certification curriculum development, and brochures.

Site Selection Task Force

Develops sampling strategies and identifies and delineates vulnerable geographic areas for pesticide monitoring.

Data Evaluation and Interpretation Task Force

If monitoring reveals contamination, evaluates the quality of data and interprets the available information. Also coordinates state's response to groundwater contamination.

Best Management Practices Task Force

Identifies best management practices that can be used to prevent or curtail pesticide contamination of groundwater and develops the preventive components of the generic SMP.

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Meetings of the Agricultural Chemicals Subcommittee

Subcommittee meets quarterly. Meetings are open to the public.
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For More Information

Check out TGPC's Pesticide Page

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